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We specialise in native and non native perennials bulbs for naturalising, wetlands and woodlands.

Wild flower gardening has become a trend and is now very popular, with heighted awareness of both professional and domestic gardeners who value gardening as a refuge for wildlife and for beauty. We grow native British bulbs and also stock a large range of native ferns and perennials for woodlands, wetlands and country meadows.

For many centuries, British horticulture has prided itself in the large and diverse array of ornamental plants available to professional and amateur growers, ranging from native species, found here in the wild, to exotic varieties brought form completely different climates.

Whereas growing these plants for their aesthetic qualities has been a passion of many since ancient times, hybridisation mainly took off in the Victorian era, when a plethora of cultivars were created, producing surprising chromatic effects and usually retaining the best qualities of their generative species. The history of their glory days, popularisation, awards and sadly decline in some cases is also captivating, as well as the perspective of re-establishing them in present times. These plants are valuable not just for their association with a bygone era but often for their superior cultivation qualities as well.

Britain enjoys a wide range of natural conditions across its territory, in accordance with its different topographies, and due to its Oceanic climate, which rarely produces extreme weather, is suitable for acclimatising a plethora of plants, from hardy species found in the Himalayas to dainty, sun-loving ones naturalised from Eastern Europe or South America. A trend once discontinued by many homeowners due to heavy industrialisation and the challenges of modern life, today the preoccupation for establishing a remarkable garden is vigorously being revived. Plants from many corners of the world are readily available at affordable prices and, with an abundance of information on providing them with auspicious conditions and caring for them, it is no longer difficult to create one’s dream garden.

Overtime, Britain’s landscapes have been modified for a variety of purposes and for that reason certain species are declining, including some of the native ones, which have forever been growing freely as a unremitting part of our natural surroundings. It is fair to say therefore that seeking to naturalise these plants in one’s own patch of vegetation is more significant than a mere landscaping design for decorative reasons, but is the small part garden owners can play in perpetuating them and avoiding an eventual worsening of their scarcity. This strongly applies to species previously found growing freely and abundantly on pastures, which are evermore rarely seen nowadays. That is why popularising them again is part of a necessary initiative.

In our current tendency of re-establishing our bond with nature, there is a real enthusiasm towards growing native plant species and recreating their natural environment. This is particularly appealing when benefitting from water landscaping features such as ponds, or when trying to emulate woodland sceneries. Just as rewarding is the creative process of accomplishing one’s own design of floral garden by adjoining a range of species, native or introduced from abroad, in an surprising eye-catching panorama. Plants are fascinating from many points of view, aside from their soothing appearance, reminiscent of Eden and unspoilt wilderness. Many species have got a history dating back hundreds of years, if not since times immemorial, and are strongly symbolic, as well as associated with myths, legends and deemed vibrant artistic stimuli.